Zion National Park

Zion National Park is a southwest Utah nature preserve surrounded by stunning viewpoints, rivers, waterfalls and hiking trails.  The rivers flow through amazing hiking trails that lead to beautiful waterfalls and historic narrows. Discover Utah at its best! 


Walk through stunning river banks and waterfalls. Zion National Park in Utah has several hiking trails to choose from.

Utah- Zion National Park


For tourists or casual hikers who want to see the best of the Zion Narrows, this is the route to do. You can start at the Temple of Sinawava, hike up the Riverside Walk trail and then continue hiking right up the river to see some of the most stunning narrows in Zion. 

Zion National Park Narrows


The perfect view for hikers and photography fanatics. Zion National Park has several hiking trails for professionals and amateurs.



The Zion – Mount Carmel Highway. Can’t leave Zion National Park without visiting this view. A 20 minute hike will get you up here.  Discover Utah! 

Zion Mount Carmel Highway

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