The 5 Best Photography Spots In Los Angeles

Top 5 Photography Spots In Los Angeles

People often asked me “Where are the best places to photograph in Los Angeles.” Now while this question may seemed easy to respond, it does have its complications. It would be like saying “Name the best Rock N’ Roll band in the history. Nevertheless, as knotty as this question can be, I’ve narrowed it down to The 5 Best Photography Spots in Los Angeles.  While the following locations are some of my favorites to visit and photograph, they can change at any time, as I’m always on the look out for new and exciting locations. Let’s face it, Los Angeles is not a small city to explore. For the time being here is the list of The 5 Best Photography Spots in Los Angeles


Manhattan Beach Pier

If you are ever in Los Angeles you should take some time to visit this Pier. The Manhattan Beach Pier is located in Manhattan Beach, California.  It’s one of my  favorite Piers from all the ones we have.  Fort starters Manhattan Beach is great area, fenced with all kids of cool little shops and cozy lively restaurants.  Everyone in Manhattan Beach are always in a chill and relaxed mood. The effect of an ideal sunny day with a cool ocean breeze.  You’ll find tourist among the locals who stroll down the bike pads riding their cruisers. And you can leave the surfers behind. You’ll see them next to the pier waiting for their next big wave to come. Everyone is nice and friendly, jus trying to have a relaxed time at the beach. If you do get a chance to visit The Manhattan Beach Pier, make sure to stay and see the sun go down. On summer days you’ll see some of the most amazing sunsets set down right in front of the Pier. It is absolutely beautiful!

Manhattan Beach Pier

City of Manhattan Beach Official Website

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Visitor’s Guide to Manhattan Beach Pier


Griffith Observatory

I’ve been coming to the Griffith Observatory since I can remember. I wasn’t until I got much older that I begin to appreciate and enjoy my visits to the observatory.  The place has a lot of fun things to do. You’ll get to see an incredible view of Downtown Los Angeles, learn about Astronomy and if you’re adventures like me, hike one the Griffith Park hiking trails.  I would recommend visiting The Griffith Observatory in the evening, but if you are interested in hiking make sure is during the day.

Griffith Observatory

 Griffith Observatory Official Website 

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 History of The Griffith Observatory 


Walt Disney Concert Hall

The Walt Disney Concert Hall is truly an architectural masterpiece. Designed by Frank Gehry  in 1999, The Walt Disney Concert Hall is a great spot to visit if your in Los Angeles.  The Walt Disney Concert Hall is located in Downtown L.A and though street parking is almost impossible to find, you can park several public parking spots around the Concert Hall.  The Walt Disney Concert Hall is the really the home of  the Los Angeles Philharmonic and the Los Angeles Master Chorale. The auditorium seats over 2000 people and sometimes is used for other special events. If you just want to take photos and get a feel of the architecture you can walk around the building for free. You can also take guide tour if you’re interested in learning more.

Walt Disney Concert Hall

Walt Disney Concert Hall Website 

Walt Disney Concert Hall 10th Anniversary 

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Getty Museum

The J. Paul Getty Museum also know by many of us as The Getty is one of many art museums in Los Angeles. The Getty offers plenty of things to do and best of all its completely FREE.  Prepare yourself to see an exotic garden shaped as a mazed, stunning architectural buildings, and scenic views of Downtown Los Angeles and Brentwood.  You can also take advantage of the great art galleries in display, completely complementary. A great place to spend a Sunday afternoon! 

Getty Museum

The Getty Website  

The Getty  Reviews 



Urban Lights

Art, art and more art! Los Angeles is bursting with creative landmarks. The Urban Lights found at the LACMA Museum is one of many on the list. This place is visited by thousands if not millions of people from all parts of the world. This creative way of displaying some Los Angeles street lamps showcases 17 different styles of lamps, which you’ll find in certain areas of Los Angeles. The lights are always turned out at dusk and remain on until sunrise. The lights are always available for photography. I’ve seen people taking photos of The Urban Lights at 3am in the morning! It’s a great place to visit. And while you are at it, you can also check out the LACMA Museum as well.

Urban Lights LACMA

Urban Lights at LACMA 


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