The Korean Bell of Friendship

Sometimes less is more…

The Korean Bell of Friendship is a large bell made of bronze located in a stone pavilion in Angel’s Gate Park, in San Pedro ,California.  The beautiful stone pavilion stands nice and tall overseeing the stunning ocean view of the Pacific Coast Highway. Spending time at The Korean Bell of Friendship is quite an experience. The fresh breeze of the ocean and gorgeous landscape makes The Korean Bell of Friendship and must visit place in Los Angeles.


Simple ArchitectureThe Korean Bell of Friendship was actually presented by the Republic of Korea to the American people, which would come to symbolize the friendship between two nations.


Angel's Gate ParkThis place is truly a symbol of love and friendship. The simplicity of its design, yet complex architectural form creates a calm and peaceful environment all around.

Korean Bell of Friendship

Angel's Gate ParkAll in all, The Korean Bell of Friendship is the perfect place to spend time with family and friends. Make the best of it while visiting this location, and don’t forget to bring a camera, as you’ll want to take photos once you see this truly amazing piece of art.






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