Garifuna Culture

The Garifunas are descendants of West and Central Africa, brought to the Americas as slaves. Many of them colonized and spread out through various parts of Central America, including  Honduras, Belize, Guatemala and Nicaragua. Today you can experience their culture on many parts of Central America, including Roatan Honduras.  Garifuna music is different from that of the rest of Central America. The most famous from is called Punta. Punta is quite popular in this region of the country. Its usually played using traditional instruments, including various types of drums, shaker, and one key instrument called the Conch. Its called Conch because its actually a Conch. The  “trumpet” sound that your hear from the music comes from the conch. Punta dancers move their hips in a circular motion and many of the dances symbolize stories from their past.

The Garifuna culture is beautiful and something worth exploring. You can experience it while visiting Honduras.

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A group of Garifona Boys getting ready to play Punta. All the instruments are hand-crafted in their village.

Garifuna Boys


Young Garifona Boy


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