Casa Mila Spain

You can’t go to Barcelona without visiting Casa Mila, also known as ‘La Pedrera’.  An amazing architect named Antoni Gaudi built this masterpiece between 1906 and 1910.  Walking through the corridors of this house makes you feel like if you were in the 1900’s. Everything from the walls, flooring and furniture were hand picked by Antoni Gaudi and resemble that era.  This place is surrounded with beautiful art and inspiration. The architecture, textures and complexity of the structure make Casa Mila a perfect photographic getaway. My favorite part of the house is the rooftop. It’s dressed with stunning skylights and vintage chimneys, all decorated with beautiful stones and textures.When visiting Barcelona make sure to visit Casa Mila and enjoy the wonderful creations of Antoni Gaudi.



Casa Mila Barcelona

House of Antoni Gaudi

Antoni Gaudi

Work of Antoni Gaudi

Antoni Gaudi Architect

Antoni Gaudi

black and white photography

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